The True Facts On The Subject Of Sexuality

Do you want to go out and sing Shania Twains Guy! I Really feel Like A Girl? If your solution to that problem is certainly, then you must know more about feminization hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis encompasses the emotional, bodily, and mental methods that are necessary for you to come to feel like a lady. This […]

The Artistry Of Erotic Photography At Home

I am in love with high-quality erotic photography, particularly female nudes. There’s something about the graceful curve of a woman’s breast, hip, or even shoulder that creamily blends together the carnal act of sex itself with the deeper, more profound emotions of making love. Being able to capture this delicious mixture on film (or in […]

Determining Whether A Love Interest Is Gay Or Straight

Have you ever been interested in someone but had lingering questions as to whether they were gay or straight so you weren\’t sure how to approach them? This happens more and more in our culture where being gay or lesbian is more accepted than ever before. While there are a lot of people who are […]

Healthy Relationships Even When Married To A Bear

Healthy Relationships Even When You are Married to a Bear! A fun little story entitled, “The Woman Who Married a Bear!,” from the book “Animal Leadership: Leadership Lessons Learned from Wildlife for Leading Yourself and Others” by Rad Watkins, inspired this blog about what to do to maintain healthy relationships when your partner has a […]

The Power A Woman Has Over You.

Guys you know exactly what I am talking about when that woman knows how to talk to you or when she knows how to dress or move her body to make those sensations in your body explode. Women have the power of sex over a guy because more guys just want to get into a […]