The Power A Woman Has Over You.

Guys you know exactly what I am talking about when that woman knows how to talk to you or when she knows how to dress or move her body to make those sensations in your body explode. Women have the power of sex over a guy because more guys just want to get into a woman’s pants due to us being goal orientated but the game is not that easy guys, it takes time but not as much time as you think, let me explain.

What you didn’t probably realize and forgot is that women want sex just as badly as you do sometimes even more but yet you don’t see us men using the power of sex against them and why not? Let me ask you a question, if a woman did not have the power of sex over you then how much more laid back would you be? How much more comfortable would you be? How much more attention would you pay? How much power would you have? How much more desirable would you become?

The sex will come after you have attracted the woman but from this day forth don’t let the woman use sex against you. Use their game against them and don’t let sex put you off balance. The biggest realization I have made with women is that they know if you are interested in them or if you are interested in sex and they are far more in tune than us men. They can pick up signals a lot better than we can but luckily for us we can learn.

When women discover that they can use the power of sex over men they can do anything. I know women that have men picking them up taking them to work, buying them dinner, buying them gifts, being able to call one of these guys and they will drop everything and they are there all because the woman is “hot”. Heck if you could do this with women why wouldn’t you?

The women are not doing anything wrong by these men because they know that they have told these guys that they are “just friends” but the guys are too busy worrying about how to get into the woman’s pants to care.

How often do you see attractive women? I would say I see at least about 100 per week more if you include everyday living and then going out on the weekends the week days. Now that was 100 women and those guys are too busy following around 1 of those women chasing them and all this one woman has to do is look good.

Don’t let a woman use sex against you my friend because if they know you are only interested in their looks and not the inside of them you will always remain a friend to them.

How about you start using their own game against them, tell a woman if you go on a first date or you go hang out that I am not going to have sex with you so don’t try anything. This woman will want to have sex with you by the end of the night. Or if you say I don’t kiss on the first date, I just thought I would let you know. You are stealing the woman’s cards from her and she can’t use those on you.

Finally I want to say that men don’t believe that they have to do anything to attract women then you could not be more wrong in your entire life. An attractive woman is not just going to come to you and then you are going to live this fantasy world where everything is perfect. You win in the game of life if you can enjoy the storms or life as well as the good times. So master this area of your life and then you will have an abundance of women in your life, you will be able to decide when you want a girlfriend, wife or to be single.